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Система для игры в рулетку Double Street Play

If you are satisfied with a prize of 10 -15 units, you will find here exactly what you want. Your Bankroll is 100 units to start the game. The disposition is triple the scheme being 5 - 10 - 20 units; we're talking about a progressive game.

The betting is as follows:
The last coming 6-line is the only free square (except zero).
Let's assume that number 30 has dropped out.
The game begins with the first bet in 5 units, which place in following order: 3 units on small, 1 unit on 6-line 19-24 and 1 unit on 6-line 31-36.
Let's assume the next dropped out number is 13, we have won 6 units, thus, the condition of our game: +1.
Further we put 5 units again: 3 - large, 2 - first dozen.
Following number - 15. Out. A condition of game: -4.
Then we put the second bet of 10 units: 6 - large, 4 - first dozen. Number - 24.
We have got 12 units. The game condition is -2 (-4-10 + 12).

We use the double bet game until the previous maximum plus of the game (in our case + 1) will be reached, after that we immediately return to the first bet of our progression.

If we have lost the double bet before this moment, the last bet in 20 units comes in our game with distribution 12 to 8 (12 units on a simple chance and 4+4 units on 6-lines).

If this bet is also lost, there are two ways:
either to play with the rest of your capital making bets in double size (10 - 20 - 40), or to keep playing with the bet of 20 units.

Again, the game goes on until reaching maximum plus of the game. It is necessary to remember that the expected profit was supposed to be from 10 up to 15 units.

For particularly cautious players there is a variant of this method. A necessary condition is time for waiting. If it suits you, play in the following way:
Put the bet only when the same 6-line has appeared twice.

If you have won, you have to wait until 6-line appears twice again to put the next bet.

If you have lost, we act the same way with the next bet.

Using this method you can't expect the profit more than 10 units. The main enemy of this method is zero. If a zero falls out too frequently, it is better to stop the game at once behind this table.

Главная Roulette Professional 2 Roulette Assistant Системы для игры в рулетку Д. Голлеон "Все о рулетке" Контакты
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