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Система для игры в рулетку Cover Nine - And Win On Roulette

Anyone who is just remotely familiar with the layout and the rules of Roulette knows all the traditional wagers: Low, even, red, black, odd and high bets all try to win on eighteen numbers. The outside dozen and column bets cover 12 numbers to win, simple transversale bets cover 6 numbers, corner bets control 4 numbers, streets 3 numbers and splits 2 numbers.

There is simply no betting field or space provided on the layout to play nine numbers. Even it would be logical to cover nine numbers with the appropriate pay-off, since there are 36 numbers that can be divided by four. I have never really understood why the casinos do not allow you to play nine numbers with one bet, unless they know something about the unpredictable behaviour of the wheels and their relationship to the circumference that they don't want the public to know.

This lack of an opportunity to make a simple bet and cover nine numbers has bothered me for quite some time. Because I have found out that there is a definite trend of patterns, and quite frequently winning numbers bunch up within nine numbers.

So I divided the layout in my playing method hypothetically into four fields, each field consisting of nine numbers:
Field #1: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Field #2: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Field #3: 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Field #4: 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36

On the Roulette layout the division now looks like this:
3 6 9 | 12 15 18 | 21 24 27 | 30 33 36
2 5 8 | 11 14 17 | 20 23 26 | 29 32 35
1 4 7 | 10 13 16 | 19 22 25 | 28 31 34

I can play now nine numbers with three bets, when they are called for in a progression, as it is prescribed. The pay-off is always 11:1 this way, plus your original bet beck to you, for a total of 12 units to the good.

You place your bets on three adjacent streets so that any consecutive nine numbers are covered. Wait for a few rolls, and start playing only when the numbers have fallen into three of the four fields, so that for all intents and purposes the fourth field had no win yet on any of its nine numbers. See below:

Winning number Belongs to field # Field #1 Field #2 Field #3 Field #4 Field #5
8 1 x       No bet
34 4       x No bet
28 4       x No bet
2 1 x       No bet
33 4       x No bet
00 -         No bet
5 1 x       No bet
18 2   x     Bets on field 3
29 4       x Bets on field 3
11 2   x     Bets on field 3
32 4       x Bets on field 3
21 3     x   Win in field 3

As you can see, I am just ignoring the single zero and double zero, but there is no rule against it and they can be played with smaller chips consistently as a side bet.

My betting pattern has very simplistic rules. 1 unit (3 chips), 2 units (6 chips), 3 units (9 chips), 4 units (12 chips), 5 units (15 chips) and then stop. If you have not won by now we start again. But now with double units: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, but if you win don't stop here.

In order to show a profit we have to play on for a second win in the series, now with triple units 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 units. But remember each unit consists of three smaller chips in order to cover the nine numbers of the field.

From now on there is no more waiting for a good betting opportunity, because they present themselves with almost every spin of the wheel from now on.

Look back to the previous diagram: each time your chosen field shows a win, there will be a new favourable chance to play. Naturally so, since your wins in one field necessarily represent "no win" situations in three other fields, consequently making one of the three losing fields the logical choice for continued betting.

And so you start over with one unit. To show this situation more clearly, draw yourself a small pattern, so you can mark the fields where the numbers hit.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th  
      x Bet 3rd field.
    x   Win. Now bet 1st field.
x       Win. Now bet 3rd field.
    x   Win. Now bet 4th field.
      x Win. Now bet 1st field.

The basic requirement to make the system work and to come out a winner is to follow the graduated progression rigidly.

1-2-3-4-5- unit bets (3 chips to each unit) will show a win when you hit a number within these three bets of the first progression.

Then you would start with 1-2-3-4-5- again.

Let's assume you have not had a hit within the first five bets and you are forced to take the next step.

Once you start into the second and third progression (2-4-6-8-10) and (3-6-9-12-15) you have to play for two wins within these series to show a net profit.

If it does not materialize as soon as you have hoped for, don't worry. Finish both the second and the third progression even if you had only one win and you show a slight loss. Start over again with your first part (1-2-3-4-5) and build up some fresh wins to neutralize the temporary previous loss.

You should be able to achieve a profit of about 120 units in one hour's play.

Item: It is up to the player to make a decision as to which field to pursue for a win in the second and third phase of the progression.

The first progression will naturally be played on the field that is trailing the others.

If you go into the second and third progression, playing for two wins, you have a choice. Either play on with the trailing field for the first win and stay with it for the second win, or you can switch your bets for the second win onto the field that has NOW manifested itself to be the new trailer. Your chances are equal to make the needed second win to show a net profit on one of both fields. I have watched the wheel for a long time and came to the conclusion that it really does not matter which field you prefer at that stage of the game. The chance for the second win is evenly distributed.

Item: Units can have any value the player desires as long as the required progressions do not exceed the allowable betting maximum on the respective tables. These roulette rules differ so much from one casino to the next, that it is impossible to make valid recommendations in this area across the board. An important thing to look for is that the value of the unit that you choose to play with is always divisible by three, since you have to place your unit bets on three different places.

My method of playing assumes a value of three dollars per unit. This way I can use dollar chips to split my unit bets into three sub-bets.

First progression on field 2.

12 | 15 | 18
11 | 14 | 17
10 | 13 | 16
$3 = 1 unit

1 Unit = $3
2 Units = $6
3 Units = $9
4 Units = $12
5 Units = $15

If you play with quarters, you basic unit value is 75 cents.

1 Unit = $0.75
2 Units = $1.50
3 Units = $2.25
4 Units = $3.00
5 Units = $3.75

It depends on the conditions of the casino and your bankroll: It is possible to also play with $5 chips, so the basic unit value becomes $15. In some ritzy casinos they allow $25 chips, so the unit value becomes automatically $75.

On the other end of the scale it is still possible during the week to find casinos in Las Vegas and Reno where you can play with 10 cent chips, so the appropriate unit value is 30 cents.

But whatever unit value you prefer and your pocketbook allows, the same unit value you start out with has to be maintained during the second and third part of the progression.

Prepare yourself for the fact that there will be a lot of chips in circulation once you get going with your system and the game becomes serious. This can easily be brought to an acceptable level by bringing $5 chips into play when you are betting with $1 chips.

When you are working with quarter chips (no denomination) buy marked casino chips and put them into action also. This way it is much easier to determine how much you have won, and it also cuts down on the excessive handling of piles of chips.

Try to get a middle seat in front of the layout, that you can easily reach all four field. Sitting on the sidelines is a serious drawback when playing this system. I personally would rather pass up an opportunity to play if I can not get the center seat. The conditions of the game change constantly, therefore it is so important to be able to reach to all four fields to place the bets in the right spot.

Item: When you play with dollars, you should be able to capitalize your game with about $450. I have found over many playing sessions that $300 are adequate, but I like the extra $150 as a security blanket. I have lost my bank a few times under extremely adverse conditions, and once it took three evening sessions to bounce back and finish as a winner despite my bad luck. But on balance you will make the nut every time. Just stick to the rules and watch the table carefully, and be very observant.

Keep a sharp lookout how the winning numbers are bunching up, and how they sometimes jump from one field to the next. And if you are willing to do a little paperwork keep notes on these often surprising wild swings.

I urge you to practice this system for a while, play it with friends to get comfortable with the system before you start playing for real. Try to condition yourself to memorize at least the 10 recent decisions of the wheel, which fields have won , and which field are still trailing. If this requirement proves to be too much for your memory, draw a little diagram and check off the winning fields each time the ball rolls into the numbered compartment of the wheel.

Soon a clear pattern will emerge as to which field is ready to be played. Remember: The zeros can be added to you play with small bets as a safety net.

Basic rules to watch for: Three progressions to follow, first progression wins, return to start over. In the second and third progression you need two wins to come out ahead. If you lose start over and try to make it up by playing for a longer period. You will always be able to compensate for adverse runs.

Never increase any of your progressions. Always utilize the stop. Following these rules you will successfully have tilted the casino odds in your favor.

Главная Roulette Professional 2 Roulette Assistant Системы для игры в рулетку Д. Голлеон "Все о рулетке" Контакты
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