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Система для игры в рулетку Unorthodox Even Chances

This system is based on two past systems. The MARTIANGLE and the CANCELLATION SYSTEMS.

What we will be doing is playing the following systems with a certain bet selection in hopes to achieve a profit. An Unorthadox maritangle or cancellation is just random numbers that happen to make up the system in hopes that being random and having random wins and loses will end up creating abnormal wins.

The bet selection is simple, watch 15 plays on roulette and bet the EVEN MONEY CHANCE that has happen to come up the most. B/R, E/O, L/H. Once you know what to play, you then choose what you want to play, an unorthadox martiangle or a unorthadox cancellation system. The martiangle goes for a couple wins while the cancellation plays out entirely for one full marqui set of numbers.

An example of an unorthadox martiangle is 1-4-7-20-60-111 etc.
An example of an unorthadox cancellation is a line of 3 or 4 or 5 numbers , up to the player (suggested 4). 11-4-7-3

To play the martiangle you bet the next number in line after a loss, for the cancellation you add the first and the last and bet them sum of them, if you lose you add the loss to the end of the line (right hand side).

Keep in mind the table limits, if you set the unorthadox cancellation to big numbers too fast, you will climb up to the table limit quickly, and make sure you have enough for the martiangle to go atleast 5-6 plays.

EXAMPLES (taking into consideration a marqui gives us 15 numbers)

24 reds = 8 Blacks = 7 Even = 7 odds = 8 low = 6 high = 9 we will play high in this situation unorthodox martiangle (we will use the example above 1-4-7-20-60-111)

28 +1
32 +3
24 +8
34 +1
21 +1
27 +1
33 +2

Total gained during the unorthadox martiangle was +28 units, a regular martiangle would have only made 8 units profit. Lets take the same numbers and play an unorthodox cancellation of the above sequence.

11-4-7-3, if we win, we will call it a game and stop (conservative people, if you are aggressive, go ahead and try to finish another sequence.

28 11-4-7-3 cancel out the 11 and 3 = 4,7
18 LOSS, 4,7,15
32 cancel out the 4 and 15 = 7
6 loss 7,7
3 loss, 7,7,14
2 loss 7,7,14,21
24 cancel out the 7 and 21 = 7,14
34 cancel out the 7 and 14 win END OF SESSION +11+4+7+3 = 25 units


21 cancel out the 11 and 3
27 cancel out the 4 and 7 +25 units again.
16 loss 11,4,7,3,14
15 loss 11,4,7,3,14,25
33 win cancel out the 11 and 25 = 4,7,3,14
15 loss 4,7,3,14,18
13 loss 4,7,3,14,18,22
32 cancel out the 4 and 22.

TAKE RESULTS AND SEE WHAT CAME UP THE MOST THEN CONTINUE FINISHING THE GAME, line left is 7,3,14,18. Red = 7 black = 8 even = 8 odd = 7 high = 7 low = 8 so pick between black, even and low (lets play low because we are dealing with low/high already)

8 cancel out 7 and 18
19 loss line is 3,14,17
18 cancel out 3 and 17
3 cancel out 14 +25 units again.

Now, as you can see the cancellation got really high really quickly, but always remember, we are playing the hottest even money bet, so we hope it will continue to hit more than the other, and as we saw, the high slowly changed to a low dominated game which is fortunate to have gotten us out of a mess.

The unorthodox cancellation system can yeild a higher percent return as suppose to the martiangle. As seen, the unorthadox martiangle did finish a couple times, we could have changed it to 5-11-50-100-350 or something but the point is it finished more frequently than the unorthodox cancellation.

I recommend you aim for 2-3 wins tops with the unorthadox maritangle and one line sequence with the cancellation. In the above cases the aggressive players would have made out well with the cancellation and the martiangle as well.

This is a new way to approach the game, and should prove to work in the long run, if the player plays as specified, and is fairly random in choosing their way to play. The cancellation above finished 3 sequences, for a profit of 75 units while the martiangle, finished 8 sequences for a profit of 25 units.

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