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Even Money Strategy

The Bet

All bets made will be on the even money outside bets, and these are Low, Even, Red, Black, Odd, & High.

These bets pay out equal to whatever the stake is after a win.

If the ball lands in zero you lose.

Bet Selection

To play 'The Even Money System', take note of where the ball landed on the previous spin.

As an example, the ball lands on 35 Black.

This number is Black, Odd & High.

This is how you will you will bet for the following spin.

You place 1 chip on Black, 1 chip on Odd, and 1 chip on High.

When playing this system, you always follow this selection method.

As the results change so do your selections.

As an example, the following spin is 30 Red.

This number is Red, Even & High.

This is how you will bet on the next spin Red, Even & High.

The only time we will come across a problem is when zero comes out.

In this instance you just class this play as a loss, and continue to bet on what you had on the losing spin. If you had bet Red, Even, & High and lost on zero, you place the same bet again on Red, Even, & High for the next spin.


This is where the power of 'The Even Money System' comes in. You play the system in 3 parts. You have Low & High, Even & Odd, and Red & Black. You treat each of the 3 selections separately from each other.

If one of the selections loses, then you will place the same bet on the new selection.

As an example, You have one chip on Low, Even, & Black, and the winning number is Low, Odd, & Red.

The following spin you will have one chip on Odd, & Red.

You have changed to what the new selection is, and you have kept the same level of bet.

However, we had a win on Low.

For the next spin we will bet Low, but this time we will double the bet on it.

For this spin there will be 2 chips on Low, 1 chip on Odd, and 1 chip on Red.

This is how you continue throughout play, you keep the same level of betting after a loss, and when one of the 3 selections wins you double your bets on that selection.


Each of the 3 selections have a target of when to stop. You stop play on each of the selections when you reach a balance of +13 units or more or -13 units or more. As an example, If the balance on Low & High drops to -13 units, play stops on Low & High. With play continuing on Even & Odd, and Red & Black, Even & Odd may reach +25 units a few spins later.

Play on Even & Odd will then stops.

Play then continues with just bets going on Red & Black.

A spin later the balance on Red & Black reaches +15 units, so play then stops on this selection.

13 Units were lost on Low & High.
12 Units were won on Even & Odd.
15 Units were won on Red & Black.

A total profit of 14 units was made on this one session.

Play can then start again on all 3 selections, taking the last spin as guidance for the first bet selection.

When to stop play, is entirely up to the individual, but you must complete each selection first.

Bank Requirement

Each selection requires a bank of 28 units, so playing all 3 selections a bank of 84 units would be required. If you have limited funds, you can always just play one selection, or just 2 selections at the same time. Your profits will be the same, but the time period of reaching this will be longer.

Win Rate

Over prolonged play, each session should produce a profit of approx 15 units minus the casino advantage of the zero or/and double zero.

This is achieved because the most you can possibly lose in any session is 84 units, whereas the maximum that can be won in any session is 132 units.

That is a 48 unit difference!

To give you an idea how this advantage helps you over prolonged play, a poor session played by myself won 56 plays and lost 66 plays.

This was on individual selections, but equivalent to approx 18 wins and 22 losses on a triple session.

However a profit of 150 units was made on this play.

You can normally play about 4 triple sessions per hour, so the above would have taken about 10 hours.

150 Units could be anything from $750 upwards if starting with $5 chips.

Additional Advantage

Because we will always be following what the last spin was, over prolonged play any bias in a the roulette wheel will favour us. Any wheel producing runs on certain selections will be to our advantage, because we will be on the winning selection every spin and also increasing our bets on it.

In a 'Nut Shell'

The above information is basically all you need to know, in order to play

"The Even Money System".

1. You follow the previous even money selection.
2. You double your bet on the even money selection that wins.
3. You keep the bet the same on the even money selection that loses.
4. If a selection loses you switch your bet to the winning selection.
5. When a selections balance reaches +13 units or more stop play on that selection.
6. When a selections balance reaches -13 units or more stop play on that selection.
7. When the third and final selection reaches it's cut off point, play can then resume on all 3 selections.

Never stray from the rules, and never use money that you cannot afford to lose.

It may take some individuals a little longer to progress, but that is the nature of the game, and perseverance and financial backing is what will return the prolonged profits.

When a substantial bank has been created with your profits, bets can then be increased, but you must ensure that your bas bet will not go over the table limit when multiplied by 32.

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