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The system is three-tiered:
1. Selection – what numbers to bet
2. Betting – if and how much to bet on a number
3. Bank Roll Handling


I like repeaters! To start with I record every spin, looking for any repeating number, without betting. As soon as I have collected FIVE repeaters that have NOT repeated during this "collecting phase" I start betting. However, if a number repeats AGAIN during collection this number is immediately cancelled, giving room for another repeater to be collected. This new one is supposed to hit for the second time AFTER the 3-repeater is cancelled (maybe also for the first time). All recording is supposed to follow a repeating number for 37 times if there is no third hit. If a third hit comes, you keep the number for 19 spins after the win – do NOT accumulate! If a number hits for the third time at the first spin (a double hit) you are ONLY keeping the number for another 19 spins (not 36 + 19).

Next hit: Keep the number for 10 spins.

Next hit and all after: Keep the number for 6 spins.

If there is no hit while "keeping" the number, that number is cancelled and another one is used instead – the same rules for selection are used as above, with one minor change: Go on betting (if you are) only four (or three . .) numbers if there is no immediate repeater to put into the betting plan. Use a new repeater whenever it comes. Now you have five repeaters that have ONLY COME OUT TWICE while you recorded and you know how to track and discard "old" repeaters. It's time to discuss betting.


Yes, I use progressional betting! The only kind I can cope with is Fixed Proportional Betting" of 9% of the bankroll for a series of bets. As our series here is going to be FIVE numbers SIX times this means that the 9% is equal to 30 single bets. The 9% is also approximately equal to 1/11 thus making the bankroll 330 units (30 bets x 11). As the minimum bet in Travemunde is DEM5 this means 330 x 5 = DEM1650. However, I would not recommend starting with the minimum bet as that doesn't make the bets "proportional" if you lose some in the beginning. Instead, I would use some higher amount , if possible double, so that it is possible to lower your bets by 1 "step" without the "step" being one unit. For example, I would start at 10 if the minimum bet is 5 and there is a possibility to bet 9, 8, 7 etc down to 5. So, you now know your bankroll.

There is one VERY important aspect in having a bankroll: BE PREPARED TO LOSE IT! AND TO LOSE IT QUICKLY! Your bankroll must NEVER be money you cannot afford to lose! This plan, as is every system you can buy for money, cannot guarantee you to win! That is the ONLY guarantee you will EVER get.

Before you go to the casino you have to make a PLAN showing you how much to bet at any one time. This is not hard (but not a simple task either) as you are going to make 30 single bets for one series. Your plan can then be calculated with this in mind. I made some mistakes in Germany because I thought that 1/11 of the bankroll was easy to calculate. Let me assure you it is NOT easy after a while and especially not when winning as your nerves have to be under FULL CONTROL for the calculation and they rarely are. (Lucky for me my mistakes were in making the bets too low but the selections missed! I had tremendous luck that day.)

Do not start betting just because you now have collected your five repeaters. This doesn't mean that betting is going to start. No, you first have to WAIT until there is a THIRD HIT on any of your five numbers. THEN you start betting your five numbers. But while waiting for the "trigger", what do you do if there is a number cancelled and there is no repeater to replace it? Do not worry about that! Bet the four numbers you have (but remember to subtract only four bets from your bankroll for such a spin). As I said above, you are only going to try to bet your numbers for SIX times. If there is a hit, you follow the instructions above ("The Selection") for however long you keep the number until it is replaced.

And what do you do after six losses! Six losses – 30 units down the drain – that is not good! My answer is to KEEP COOL! There is no need to be nervous. You have ten more tries and they will come soon but first you have to STOP BETTING! You simply do not bet any more but keep recording as before and WAIT for the "trigger", a third hit for one of your numbers. But how much should I bet? As I said before make up a table showing how much 1/11 of your bankroll is and how much 1/30 of that is. Whenever you have placed 5 (or fewer) bets 6 times it's time to calculate the TOTAL bankroll, divide it by 11 and then divide that figure by 30. This will mean that you do not bet two units (if one is your starting bet) until you have a net gain of 330 units. That, in turn, is AT LEAST 11 winnings and no losses as the net profit from one win is 31 units. And this is the reason why I recommend an initial bankroll of more than the minimum bet. Suppose your bet is 10 and may be incremented by 1 – you will need only TWO wins to be able to progress to 11.

Now you know when to bet and when to stop. You know how much you are going to bet every time and on what numbers. You also know the size that your bankroll should be. So what more can there be? We can implement a plan for handling it!


[I couldn't use that in Germany because a) way too much money was involved and b) I won too much money too quickly to have to use it.] First we have to establish what is the difference between a SERIES of bets and a SESSION. A SERIES of bets is a complete cycle of six bets (of up to five numbers each time) and after such a series is completed you adjust your betting according to your present BANKROLL. A series is never ended for any reason except for the completion of six spins, no more and no less. A SESSION can be any number of COMPLETE SERIES! A session is ended for a reason (not by a pre-determined number of spins) and this reason is: The SESSION GOAL IS ACHIEVED (after a betting series is completed). Now I will discuss the handling plan.

You should start with TWO complete bankrolls. Your goal for the FIRST session is simple: Win a THIRD bankroll for yourself. Now, this may sound easy enough but it is NOT. Sometimes you may have to work for days and days without even getting close but other days it works like a breeze (but rarely). If one bankroll is lost you have to start using the other one and then your mission STILL is to get a third one – but first you must get a second one, of course. OK. After, say, three days I discover that I have achieved the goal of getting one more complete bankroll of 330 units (in this example). I now have 330 + 330 + 330 units. The last one is profit. Now what? Simple! Get yourself a FOURTH one, only this time it is going to be DOUBLE, compared to the other ones you have. In this example I'm now trying to get a bankroll of 660 units. Believe me, this can and will take some time. But I never promised you a quick and ever winning system, did I?

And by golly! That goal is reached! Now what? Are you in a hurry? Don't be and don't panic now. As I said, your goal for the third session is to get YET ANOTHER like the fourth bankroll and you are supposed to do it with the same size of bets! Am I crazy? Well, maybe I am, but I'm not stupid so I do not raise my bets yet. It may take some time to reach the next goal, betting only the lowest bets. But think of it, you have a net profit of 990 units and we do not want to just throw it away, do we? So you bet and bet and bet and sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. But what do you do if you lose one of your bankrolls? Then you have to get it back and you have to do it without manipulating the bets, except as described in Section 2.

Finally, you have reached your goal of another 660-unit bankroll in profit. WOW! Now is the time to do something radical – RAISE YOUR LOWEST BET TO DOUBLE THE AMOUNT! Your line of bankrolls now looks like this: 300 + 330 (originals) + 660 + 660 (won). You now start betting from one of the 660-unit bankrolls using double bets, compared to what you were betting before. And what is your goal now? Get a THIRD 660! When (if) this is achieved your next goal is to get a bigger bankroll of 990 units (3 times the smallest). You do this in the same manner, betting double size bets from bankroll #5 and #6. Should you ever lose ALL the 660-unit bankrolls you simply start betting single sized bets again, hunting for your first 660. The rules for handling this is to always raise your bets to the next level when you have TWO bankrolls of THAT level. As you start without any levels or bets, you start betting your lowest bet because you have two bankrolls of that level (Level 1). Your first mission is to get ONE bankroll the SAME size. Your second and third missions are to get ONE bankroll of the ADDED SIZES of the previous one and the initial one. This goes on and on...

Suppose you have a string of bankrolls: 330 + 330 + 330 + 660 + 660 + 660 + 990 + 990 + 1650. Your mission for the next session is to get another 1650-unit bankroll using three unit bets from the 990-unit bankroll. If that is accomplished you are going to get another 1650-unit bankroll using the NEXT bet size which is 4 units. And after that, your goal is 1980 units using 4-unit bets from the 1650-unit bankroll. FOR HOW LONG DOES THIS GO ON? Well, one thing is for sure. The casinos have a maximum bet and this limit is definite. At the Spiel bank Hamburg , for example, there is a limit of DEM200 at the DEM5 minimum table. If we use DEM5 for our unit it's quite safe. The minimum bet is for a single number and so 4 units would be equal to DEM20. There is room for progressing upwards. But should you really go to the limit? Honestly, I don't know. This is one of the MANY aspects where I still have to figure out how to act and it is not an easy task. But I will try to do it soon and maybe, just maybe, there really IS a solution.

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