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Система для игры в рулетку Rapid Accumulator

Congratulations, you have purchased a winning system. The rewards that are available to you, by playing The Rapid Accumulator, are limitless.

Please read everything, slowly and carefully. Then read it again. Read through the results book, spin by spin, game by game. This will prepare you for what will happen in the casino. When you have done this, go to the casino and play the system through on paper first.

The Rapid Accumulator - How and why it wins

Stating the obvious, there are 37 numbers on a roulette wheel. And it is fair to say that in the long run, say 1 million spins, each number will on average win once in every 37 spins. However in the short term the picture is dramatically different. A small group of numbers win far more often than they should.

These numbers fall into 2 distinct groups:

Group A

These numbers suddenly burst into life, winning many times within a small number of spins. Then, just as suddenly as they began to win, they stop.

Group B

These numbers win at well above average for extended periods. They display a tendency to win in short bursts. Then after a short rest, they repeat the pattern. The Rapid Accumulator identifies and profits from these numbers.

To prove what I'm saying, let's take a close look at our scorecard record of game 19.

This shows us that:

A. 6 numbers failed to win.
B. 13 numbers won once.
C. 5 numbers won twice.
D. 6 numbers won 3 times.
E. 7 numbers won over 4 times.

From this we discover:

0 winning spins.
13 winning spins.
10 winning spins.
18 winning spins.
46 winning spins.

30 numbers won just 41 out of the 87 spins (the total of A, B, C & D).
7 numbers won 46 of the 87 spins (the total number of spins won by E).These 7 numbers won a total of 28 times to qualify (7 x 4 = 28.). Then went on to win a further 18 times.

These numbers were superstars and The Rapid Accumulator picked them and cashed them in. Why 4 numbers to qualify Game 19 graphically illustrates this. 5 numbers won twice, and 6 numbers won 3 times.

Not one of these numbers managed to win again. 7 numbers won 4 times to qualify. All seven won again, one or more times. The system does not work using 2 numbers to qualify. It does work using 3 numbers to quality, but nowhere near as well. 4 wins to qualify is the optimum number. Why 87 spins per game Computer testing has proven this to be the point at which profits peak. The system will work on shorter or longer games, but the long run profits will be reduced. 87 spins per game is the optimum number.

Why abandon a game?

This is done to safeguard against a major loss. Imagine a game in which 10 numbers qualify as selections by the 50th spin, and in which not one of them wins again. A game such as this would end in a loss of well over 400 units.

This rule is there to prevent this from happening. Games 70, 93 and 110 were all abandoned due to this rule, and as luck would have it, all three games would have improved, had they been played out. However, in the long run this rule will save us money.


I have listed below some figures that may be of interest.

- On average, betting begins after 37 spins.
- Betting always begins with 1 number, and on average ends with 7.
- While betting, you will average just over 3 bets per spin.
- You will average 2 wins from every 3 games played.
- Your average win will be about 93 units.
- Your average loss will be about 49 units.
- Points mentioned in advertising $474,060 profit in 68 days.
- This figure Is the total profit that would have been made if bets were increased in proportion to the bank. Playing at the rate of 2 games per day this could have been made in 68 days.

The progressive profit figures appear in the Profit Growth Table and are calculated by deducting the $5000 starting bank. 17 winning numbers from just 23 spins.

This occurred in game 16 over spins 63 to 86. 1,327 units won in a row. This was won from games 15 to 20.

Winning 20 games from 24, while the bank soared by $162,880. This occurred from games 75 to 98, and can be read from the Profit Growth Table.

Casino conduct

In Australia the casinos cannot legally bar you from playing roulette. However, if you become known as a consistent winner, they can make things difficult for you.

Tactics which can be employed against you are:

1. The croupier can be changed frequently.
2. The speed at which the ball is spun can be varied.
3. The speed at which the wheel is spun can be varied.
4. The size of the ball can be changed.
5. Staff may be rude to you.
6. The wheel can be closed, and so on. This can all be avoided by guarding your method of play and presenting yourself as an average player. This is what I suggest:

Dress well enough to be treated with respect, but not so well as to stand out from the crowd.

Never discuss anything in the casino that you would not want overheard. Casinos have security staff taught in lip reading.

Always complain a little when you're losing.

When winning, make comments like "it's nice to be getting some back" or "this makes up a bit for what I dropped the other night".

Vary the days and times that you play.

Avoid getting involved in disputes as these only draw attention to yourself.

When paid in cash chips, always slip these into your pocket.

Don't flash folds of money when buying your chips.

You may be casually asked if you're playing a system. A good answer here is "No, 1 just like to keep a record of the spins for interest".

Taking a position at the table before you're ready to bet can sometimes cause trouble. A good idea here is to record the early spins of a game from behind play. When one of the numbers wins for the third time, take a position at the table and buy your chips. This makes it obvious that you intend to play and even if you don't bet for a dozen spins it's very unlikely that any attention will be paid to you. Most of this advice is just common sense, with a little bit of thought you can find yourself what's the best attitude…

The Rapid Accumulator PROFIT GROWTH TABLE

The table set out on the next 3 pages shows the profit growth of the bank, as The Rapid Accumulator is played through 115 games. It was calculated in the following way.

1. The starting bank is $5,000.
2. This is divided by 1,000 to obtain the betting unit of $5.
3. The bank is then adjusted by the profit or loss from each game.
4. When the bank reaches $10,000 the betting unit is increased to $10.
5. When the bank reaches $15,000 the betting unit is increased to $15, and so on.
6. When dividing the bank by 1,000 to find the betting unit, figures are rounded off to the nearest dollar.

Bank Spin # Result Unit Win Loss
  1 0 5 - -
$5000 2 90 5 $450  
$5450 3 -9 5   $45
$5405 4 17 5 $85  
$5490 5 88 5 $440  
$5930 6 78 5 $390  
$6320 7 -60 5   $300
$6020 8 131 5 $665  
$6675 9 -73 5   $365
$6310 10 112 5 $560  
$6870 11 -36 5   $180
$6690 12 -70 5   $350
$6340 13 -34 5   $170
$6170 14 -73 5   $365
$5805 15 11 5 $55  
$5860 16 487 5 $2435  
$8295 17 306 5 $1530  
$9825 18 70 10 $700  
$10525 19 379 10 $3790  
$14315 20 74 10 $740  
$15055 21 -65 15   $975
$14080 22 86 15 $1290  
$15370 23 150 15 $2250  
$17620 24 -67 15   $1005
$16615 25 58 15 $870  
$17748 26 100 15 $1500  
$18895 27 106 15 $1590  
$20575 28 30 20 $600  
$21175 29 63 20 $1260  
$22435 30 140 20 $2800  
$25235 31 -61 25   $1525
$23710 32 -11 25   $275
$23435 33 66 25 $1650  
$25085 34 -54 25   $1350
$23735 35 0 25    
$23735 36 120 25 $3000  
$26735 37 -2 25   $50
$26685 38 36 25 $900  


Here is the Rapid Fire Roulette system....actually its 3 systems… Let me explain before you read the systems. There are just so many ways to bet in Roulette: Single numbers, splits, 3 number lines, 4 number quads, 5 number, 6 number line bets, 12 number 1/3's, 12 number columns, 18 number (high/low, red, black, odd, even.

What this means is "How conservative or risky do you want to bet?"
"What recovery rate is feasible to you?" among other things.

Less risk? Bet 35 numbers, but recovery is to win 35 times in a row if you lost once.

High risk and high return? Bet one number. In reality, there are bets in-between that satisfy most people for The style THEY like to play. That's why I don't push my style onto others. It may not work for you, or you're not in the right place at the right time. I can live and survive quite nicely on 80% or 50% return on my money, with low risk, confidence of winning and enjoy myself, without getting stressed out. The systems that I use are not new, nor unique, but what matters is HOW I use them, or any other.

I enjoy the comfort of betting on 63% of the numbers for a 50% return. Even the banks don't give me 50% interest on my money. The recovery rate is acceptable, meaning I have to win twice to make up a losing bet.

At the high rollers table past weekend, I was betting 4 $25 chips on 4 lines (63% of the numbers). The 4 lines are the ones that make up 13-36 on the board.

I know I have almost 75% chance of winning every spin, it's easy for me to know what numbers I'm on (teens, twenties and thirties when the dealer says the winning number), easy for me to reach on the layout, but more importantly, on a 0/00 wheel in Atlantic City, if 0/00 come out, I only lose 1/2 of my outside bet.

What outside bet do you say???

Well, I bet one chip on the 13-17and 3 chips on the outside bet of 18-36. This way I don't have to worry as much about 0/00. Increase your bets (when you do)of (2 chips and 6 chips), then (3 chips and 9 chips), etc.

By the way, high numbers came out 22 times in a row,(which is not unusual) with 0/00 twice. I go for the streaks. MANY, MANY of them every day. Very rarely does it go high, low, high, low, etc...for very long.

The second system is to bet the 3 line bets of 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 and 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.
I'm sure you know this one also as it covers two huge wedges on the wheel layout - mark the numbers off on the wheel.

Again, it's the money management that matters. Most people know where to bet, just not HOW to bet.

Increasing at the right time, decreasing at the right time. I think a form of this is the way that $2000 system goes. Add in one more line bet of six number (I'd use the six line that contains the last number won) and you're covering 23 numbers or 60% of the wheel.

If one of the 4 line bet wins (25% of your bet) you get 300% return (SAMPLE - 4 - $25 bets is $100). After a 1 chip line bet wins, you have 6 chips (600% of your bet) but, subtracting the other 3 chips lost from the 6 chips would be 3 chip win on the 1 chip line bet or 300%.

Figures work with that system clues.

Anyway the last system I use is to bet a $5 chip on the 6 number line bet that the last winning number came in on.

If I win, I have 6 chips.
If I lose, bet a $5 chip on EACH of the last two lines that won.
If I win, I have 5 chips.
If I lose, bet 2 chips ($10) on each of the last three lines that contain the last 3 winning numbers.
If I win, I get double my money.
If I lose I bet $25 on each of the last 4 lines that won.
I still get a profit if I win.
If I lose, I start over.

RAGS TO RICHES Congratulations on purchasing three very positive systems for playing roulette. First of all this is not a get rich quick scheme, if you think you can make a couple of thousand or million in a few minutes you are totally on the wrong track.

You must remember that casinos are not in business for fun, they are there to take your money.

Let me explain to you a bit about gambling and money management:

Some people walk into a casino and hope to bankrupt it within a few minutes or hours, others are happy to take their time, double their money and walk out. These gamblers are the clever ones and will probably succeed in making a share of profit from the casinos that they visit.

Think of it like this. If your goal was to double your money each day for ten days and you started with R100 your purse would look like this:

Day 1 Bankroll R 100 Profit R 100 Total R 200
Day 2 Bankroll R 200 Profit R 200 Total R 400
Day 3 Bankroll R 400 Profit R 400 Total R 800
Day 4 Bankroll R 400 Profit R 400 Total R 1200
Day 5 Bankroll R 400 Profit R 400 Total R 1600
Day 6 Bankroll R 400 Profit R 400 Total R 2000
Day 7 Bankroll R 400 Profit R 400 Total R 2400
Day 8 Bankroll R 400 Profit R 400 Total R 2800
Day 9 Bankroll R 400 Profit R 400 Total R 3200
Day 10 Bankroll R 400 Profit R 400 Total R 3600

As you can see from the above we stopped doubling our money on day 4 and stayed with betting R400 a day and making a profit of R400 per day. You can now see that starting with R100 over 10 days we made R3500, not bad for a few hours a day for ten days work.

Money management has to be the most important factor in gambling, without it you will be lost. Treat it with respect and you will make plenty of profit. An added bonus is the free drinks you get while playing. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you all the success in the world.

Please read the REACTION ROULETTE (WinBet.com)system very carefully and make sure you know them well before attempting to enter a casino. Practice with numbers written down form genuine spins of casinos.

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