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Система для игры в рулетку Pivot 3

This strategy was being sold in Australia some time ago now and the seller claims it was his original material. The original Pivot system I saw was posted on the Net some two years ago.

So whose strategy is it. Well to be quite honest with you I don't know. They both have their merits.

The Pivot is without doubt the simplest, most powerful method of playing winning roulette yet devised. The Pivot, used as directed, will bring you out a certain winner.

Roulette Wheels of the kind used in Australia and most other countries, contain 37 numbered pockets.
Therefore on each spin of the wheel there are 37 possibilities of an outcome.

A bet placed on a number is in fact a 36/1 chance, it having 1 chance of winning and 36 chances of losing. However, it's here that the casino gains it's small advantage, by paying odds of 35/1 rather than the true odds of 36/1.

To play the numbers and win, you must have a plan that selects and bets on numbers that win at least once in every 35 spins. The Pivot does this with ease.

The Pivot selects and bets on numbers which have just won. These are followed until they win or for 37 spins, whichever comes first. The following explanation reveals both why selections are made this way and more importantly, why they win.

For the purpose of this explanation, numbers which win twice or more during a cycle of 37 spins are "HOT NUMBERS", those which win once are "AVERAGE NUMBERS" and those that don't win at all are "COLD NUMBERS".

As there are 37 numbers on a Roulette Wheel, a complete cycle consists of 37 spins. This being the exact number of spins required to give each number the chance to win once.

The Pivot evolved from the close examination and testing of almost 20,000 of these cycles. It was found that Roulette numbers do not win in an orderly fashion such as once in every 37 spins.

Instead numbers are constantly moving through periods of being hot, cold and average. Hot numbers will often win many times during a cycle of 37 spins, while cold numbers may not win for a hundred spins or more. However, there was some order found amongst this constantly changing pattern.

Results showed that on average each cycle of 37 spins, is won by just 22 of the 37 numbers (59.45%).

With at least half of these 22 numbers, winning twice or more. While this group of 22 numbers is constantly changing as numbers move through periods of being hot, cold and average, it does at any one time, contain all of the hot and average numbers.

This indeed was a stunning discovery, for it meant that 50% of all winning numbers are hot numbers, which can be relied upon to win again quickly. While the remaining 50% are average numbers which will often win again within 37 spins.

The logic behind The Pivot suddenly became obvious. By selecting only numbers which have just won, all of our selections must be either hot or average numbers. Then by following these numbers until they win or for 37 spins whichever comes first, each number is given it's full chance to win.

While losses on numbers which have gone cold are contained.


Rule 1
When you are ready to begin play, record the number that wins the next spin at the top of your scorecard. This number is your first selection.

Rule 2
Bet 1 unit per spin on this number until it wins, or for 37 spins, whichever comes first.

Rule 3
When your first selection wins or has been followed for 37 spins, your second selection becomes the next number spun. Simply continue in this way for as long as you wish to play.

A bank of 200 units is recommended. Example: If you wish to bet $2 per number (Which is mostly the minimum bet in Australia ), per spin, your bank should be $400. (200 X $2 = $400)

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