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Система для игры в рулетку Krueguel

This system was bought in Germany in 1993, we have made some changes to it, and there are several ways of playing it, we will introduce the best ways.

Before learning the system you need to know and to do:
1. go to another table every time you win 6 or 7 times.
2. do not play any other system or numbers that are not included in the Krueger.
3. pay attention to the game, and to the card.
4. if you can go with another person who helps you then it will be better.
5. when you have duplicated your bankroll, leave the casino.
6. learn how the numbers are distributed in the wheel , this will help.
7. pay attention to the dealer, some of them usually through the ball in the same sector, if you notice this, in this table you will win quickly.
8. when the dealer is changed, finish the progression (if you re using) and wait 4 or 5 spins to see if this dealer is good to you.
9. if someone sees that you re winning too much, and want to know about the system, you can sell it, but remember to ask at least the same amount you have paid.
10. item 9 is very common.

The System

It is based on a card, this will show you the numbers to played, it is based on sectors, repetitions and if the dealer repeats sectors, neighbours or numbers, you will win immediately.

1. record the 1rst spin, now look at the card
2. example: it has won number 20
3. card says: to play 1-2-14-20-21-25
4. you have to play this number with those ones below of them
5. i.e. 1-4, 2-5, 14-17, 20-23, 21-24, 25-28
6. they are twelve numbers, place one chip in the middle of 1 and 4, 2 and 5 ect

the card winning number plays on


Example: number 31 wins, play 9/12 14/17 15/18 19/22 25/28 33/36

One chip in the middle you win 18 net win +12

Basic system: as we bought it in Germany

Uses the next progression
1. 1 chips* 6 = 6 +12
2. 1 chips*6 =6 +6
3. 2 chips*6=12 +12
4. 4 chips*6 =24 +24
5. 6 chips*6 =36 +24
6. 8 chips*6 =48 +12
7. 12 chips*6 =72 +12
8. the progression goes on, we think if you lose at this point is better to go home (bankroll 204 chips) maybe you lose when you have already won 100,150 or 200 chips, it is rarely to lose the hole 204 chips, but we think it is better to stop for a while.

How we play it:
Krueger is our style of life in casinos, 1rst way is the basic one, 2nd is to play with 3 bankrolls of 84 chips, so we play the game up to 5th step of the progression if you choose this way you may consider:

to win 120 chips with the first bankroll if you lose the first one, to win 100 chips after winning the 84 lost before if you need to use the 3erd bankroll only win 170 chips and go away (you break even) 3rd wait for the system to fail 5 times, use a stronger progression for 4 or 5 spins, then change to another table.

4th without progression: wait till the system fails 3 times then bet unstill winning or up to 3 times, if lose wait again 3 times, if win the same.

We usually play the 3rd way, and sometimes the 1st one, we go to casino in group of 4, 5, 6 persons, each one is in a different table, waiting the 5 fails, when this occurs, the one who is in that table starts betting, if he lose 5 times, he continues playing with a stronger progression and another one comes and bet the same numbers with the maximum bet for 5 times we win on the 99% of the cases that way we do this at least ten times in a casino day, we win more than 1000 chips each night.

It works best on European wheels, and single zero.

When number 0 must be played, place a chip in the middle of 0 and 2

Another thing we do is to identifie those dealers who make our system work better, In some cases you will be waiting the 5 fails and they never come with the dealer who is in the table at that moment. That is an excellent dealer for Krueger. So you can play the basic one or the 4th way.

If you go constantly to the same casino, we recommend to make a study of the dealers, if you just go once in a month just play the basic or the 4th way.

Главная Roulette Professional 2 Roulette Assistant Системы для игры в рулетку Д. Голлеон "Все о рулетке" Контакты
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