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Система для игры в рулетку Holy Grail

What you are holding in you little hands is the greatest betting roulette system known to man. Myself, and fellow players from all over the world have tested it. All you have to do is follow it, stay disciplined, and get used to the dealer saying, "Black cashing out." Lets get straight to it.

Система для игры в рулетку Holy Grail

Take a look at the above picture. It shows the spin results of a sample of 65 roulette spins. So let's see what we have here. Well first off, not all the numbers hit did they? In this example there are 7 numbers that did not hit at all. Just think if 7-19, and 32 were your favorite numbers; well you would be at the ATM machine right about now. So this brings us to rule #1. NEVER BET ON A NUMBER THAT HAS NOT HIT.

Now go back to the table. You will see that there are 12 other numbers that only hit 1 time. So we have 19 numbers that hit only once or not at all. That is 1/. 2 of the board. I call this half the have-nots. What is 65 minus 12? It is 53. So if you divide the board in half, and take the 19 numbers that hit the least on 1 side, and the remaining 19 numbers on the other side, what do you have?


Now what side do you think is going to make the money? I know, I can hear you now, "Well that's true, but how would you know what side will hit the most until after it happens?" And the answer is "we don't." But we do know the answer while it is in progress.

Step 1. Use the scoreboard, and mark the numbers that have hit so far as in the example above. A scoreboard holds 17-22 numbers depending on its size. Now copy the numbers in the order that they hit. 16-25-9-12-20, and so on. Any number that has hit 2 or more times circle it on your board. These numbers will be bet each time. Now count how many different numbers have hit total. Do this until 18 different numbers have hit at least once.

Now you are ready to start. BUY IN AT THE TABLE. If it is full, then just wait. Try to get a seat in the middle area so you can reach all or most of the board. If you have to wait, keep tracking the numbers as they hit. WE will be betting the LAST 18 numbers that have hit the most. " what?" Well each number that has hit 2 or more times we do not need to worry about right now as we will bet them each time. So here is a sample of what your chart will look like before making your first bet.

Система для игры в рулетку Holy Grail


OK. Of the 18 different numbers, the X shows the 6 numbers that hit more than once. They get bet always for now. So now you have your chart set, chips, and are ready to go. DO NOT BET ON THE FIRST SPIN. Wait, and record the number, do this until what would have been a win occurs. Why? This is a defensive posture, so you do not start out losing the first few bets right off the bat. After the first win, we bet. Lets say the 22 hit first. That was a win, and now we start. Next 1 hits. That is a win. Now the 1 has hit 2 times, and we mark it as such. Next the 4 hits. A loss. So now we mark the 4, but now we have 19 numbers, 1 to many. So we look at our list of numbers, and ignore the ones with 2 hits or more, this is easy to see because we marked or circled them, and we drop the first number, "i.e. The oldest number", that has only 1 hit. Using the sample above, what number would that be? That's right the 13. So we cross it out, and add the 4 to the end of the list..

Note, after each win the list stays the same, it only changes after a loss, and only 1 number will change. Easy. Now 29 hits, a win. Now the 7 hits. Now what? Well it's a loss, and we add the 7 to the end of the list, but do not circle or mark it, as it has only 1 hit. But we now have one to many numbers again, so we drop the oldest number with only 1 hit. Do you know which one that is now? That's right the 34. We always have 18 numbers, and no less. If for some reason you get a little confused, it is better to bet on two many numbers, than two few. OK. Now lets say the 13 hits. Well it is a loss as we had crossed it off the list, but now it has hit twice. So it comes back on the list, at the end, with a X or circle around it, and we drop the next oldest 1 hit number witch is now the №35.

At the beginning some numbers that were dropped off will come back on.

Система для игры в рулетку Holy Grail

Now your list will look like this. Make a table and chart, and use the above sample until you have it down pat. You will not have time in a real casino to be fumbling around. Hey, but even if you did, so what? If you miss a bet, so what? Just mark, find the oldest 1 hit number, cross it off, make sure you have at least 18 to bet on, and now bet again.

If you do not have a copy of a roulette table layout, make one, or copy one. Then bring it into paint, and change the black numbers to light grey. This way it is easy to see the marks in them as they hit. As you can tell, a scoreboard helps out a lot, and will save you about 30 minutes of time in spotting. If there is none where you play, then you just have to wait longer before you can start. What if in the middle of spotting everyone leaves the table? Then you have a choice. I always chose a table with a low min. bet just for this reason. If I have lets say only 15 different numbers, and the table clears. Then I will buy in, and make the Min. outside bet somewhere until I get to my 18 numbers, bet outside until I would have won inside, then start the betting.

What about on the Internet? Well l you have to play on the outside, or anyway you want until you get 18 different numbers. A good way to do this is since you should have at least 3 numbers repeat in the first 20 spins, is every 10 spins bet those last 10 numbers. Or just bet the $1 min somewhere until you have 18 different numbers to start.

Betting methods vary depending on your bankroll, and the next session goes over your options.


First off it is very important that you practice part one until you have it down pat before even reading this part. It could become confusing if you do not fully understand part one.

So, practice, practice, and practice…

The following should be when a session ends.

  • After 65 spins have been completed. This includes the ones you did not play, or any that you skipped.
  • When you lose 7 bets in a row, as that is your buy in bankroll.
  • When you have won 7 more bets than you have lost.

This is not set in stone but a guide. The bankroll you need to bring to the table is determined with the following. 18 x $ x 7 = bankroll. 18 numbers is what you will bet on. $ Is how many $ do you want to bet on each number. And 7 are how many losses in a row it takes to lose your bankroll.

18#s x $1 ea x 7 =$126 bankroll. 18#s x $2 ea x 7 = $252 bankroll.
18#s x $5 ea x 7 =$630 bankroll. 18#s x $25 ea x 7 = $3150 bankroll


Flat betting. Since you win more bets than you lose in the long run, this type of bet works just fine. Its strength is you never have to change your bet, and it requires the smallest bankroll to play. Its weakness is that if you get off to a bad start, lets say win 3 and lose 8, there is no guarantee that you can make up that difference in this session. Sometimes you will, and once in a while you will not.

Regression. This is the art of starting off by betting 1 unit more on each number to start off with, and removing that unit after a win. Example. $2 on each number =$36 bet, and a win gives you + $36. Now you would make the next bet by regressing down to $1 on each number. If you lost then you would lose $18. So you have played the house even, won 1, lost 1, and still have an $18 profit to show for it. Its strong point is if you get a first bet win, and a lot of single loses w-l-w-l-w-l, that after playing even you are still making a profit…. Its weakness is that it requires a larger bankroll, and if you start off with a loss or 2, or if your wins and losses are in pairs, w-w-l-l-w-w-w-l-l-l, it does not help you at all.

Mini martingale. THE KEY WORD HERE IS "MINI", if you have the bankroll, and want to change single or double losses in a row into a win, do this.

$1 on 18 numbers, lose = $18
$2 on 18 numbers, win = +$18 net, a loss =-$36, and -$54 net
$4 on 18 numbers, win =+$18 net, or a loss = -$72, and -$126 net.

This type of betting strong point is it covers short 1 or 2 losses in a row into a profit on the win. And most of your losses will be this type. However it requires a larger bankroll. Its weakness is that several losses in a row, followed by only 1 or 2 wins, followed by several more losses in a row, means more lost money, faster, and forces you to start your next session at a higher dollar amount.


After looking at lost sessions, and how many times numbers hit in 65 spins I developed a betting variation you may want to try. In most sessions you will have 1 number that will hit 5 times, and around 2 or 3 numbers that will hit 4 times. But for any number to get to that point, it has to pass thru 2. 2 hits that is. So in the beginning you may want to place 2 chips on the numbers that have hit 2 times or more on your list, and 3 chips on the numbers that have hit only once on your list. What this does is takes numbers that are going to hit for the second time and pays you more money for them. Once you get to where you have all 2 hit numbers, you can still do the same thing by betting fewer chip on any old number on the list.

If you want to be more careful than this, then later on when you are crossing off numbers that have also hit recently, to keep your list at 18, then don't. It is better sometime to have 19 or 20 good numbers on the list, than 18, and lose on the 19 th or 20 th number.

Also, you should wait for a win before you start betting at all. Or if you want to be more cautious you can wait for back-to-back losses, then start betting. Also, some people stop after losing 3 in a row, and wait for a win to happen, then start back up again.

Also, since you know that in a session you will only have usually 1 number that hits 5 times, if this happens, it is pretty safe to drop that number from your list as it is only 1 in a 100 that it would hit for a 6 th time.

This is not always the case but as a good rule of thumb, the more open numbers, those numbers that have never hit, the better. Most of the losing sessions only had 3 to 5 numbers that did not hit at all. Normally it will be 7 to 10. So if you have only a few open numbers, it is a good idea to end that session, and start a new on.


Yes you can end a session, and after only a few spins start a new on at the same table. You simply put the old paper away, and use the scoreboard and record on a new on, as though you just got there. So the ending numbers of the last session, become the beginning numbers of the new one. If you ever have any? S about the system, just e-mail me. Thanks, and be sure to post your test or playing results on the board where you found the system. GOOD OR BAD.

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