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The Roulette Board

The Roulette Board

The Roulette Professional program provides a graphical control that mimics the actual roulette board used in casino games. This control provides several different points of information in the program.

In the Roulette Professional program you don't place bets on the roulette board as you would in a true roulette game. You cannot play roulette with this software.

On the right hand side of the control is a list of numbers that have occured recently on the table (number-list). This list displays the most recent number at the top of the list, with previous numbers going down the list.

On the left side of the board are several colored, numbered boxes (severity indicators). These boxes represent the severity level of certain numbers or patterns on the table as defined by your betting system.

If you examine the roulette board in the image, you can see that the red numbers located within the first 18 numbers have a different background color than the first 18 black numbers. This background color corresponds with the severity indicator on the left. As you can see these red numbers represent severity level 2. In the last 18 numbers the red items have a different background color. This color represents severity level 4. Severity Levels are discussed more in detail in the Basic Pattern Settings section in this help file.

As you can see on the image, the currently selected number is "0". This number's circle is highlighted in yellow, showing it's selection status. You can also see that the "0" was the last number to come-up on the table by viewing the number list on the right.

When you click on a number on the roulette board, the number is highlighted and added to the number-list. That number is then analyzed by all of the Pattern Tables, and Number Tables. Your Bets are then placed automatically based on your currently active Betting System. The system then waits for another number to be selected, and then processes the information again.

This same process is reapeated when you are using the Auto-Spinner Control, except the auto-spinner selects the numbers for you.


Главная Roulette Professional 2 Roulette Assistant Системы для игры в рулетку Д. Голлеон "Все о рулетке" Контакты
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