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Basic Pattern Bet Settings

The basic bet settings table (see image below) uses the Patterns Table and the Anti-Patterns Table from the Table Pattern Analyzer to construct a betting system.

Basic Pattern Bet Settings

Repeating Patterns

Repeating Patterns

Look closer at the left side of the above image (shown here on the left). This section allows you to setup items to chase repeated occurances on the table.

The first column on the left represents 1 to 1 bet patterns. 1 to 1 bet items include (red, black, even, odd, 1-18, 18-36). The bottom box in the left column next to the "Set Start" button, represents the number of repeat occurances of a 1 to 1 bet item you want to wait for before you begin betting.

In the screen shown on the left, the starting item is "2". Look above the 2 and to the left. Here you will see the numbers 3-12 going up the left side of the screen. These numbers respresent the occurance count of each setting.

The way this works is: Your system will wait until any 1 to 1 item has repeated 2 times (your starting value). The third time (signified by the number 3 on the left) your system will automatically place a bet for you on the repeated item. The system will bet 1 (Set in the box by 3) multiplied by your base bet value on the repeated item.

This system will continue to chase the repeated 1 to 1 item, betting the value in the box by the occurance multiplied by your base bet value.

Looking at the Patterns Table (displayed here on the left) You can see that Black has come up on the wheel 4 times in a row. This is signified by the "4" next to "Black" in the Patterns Table.

Using the settings in the Repeated Patterns section above, on the 4th repeated occurance of any 1 to 1 bet item (in this case black) the system will bet 2 times your Base Bet (in this case 5), for a total of $10 on Black. This setting is chasing the repeating black pattern.

This bet is displayed in the Suggested Bets Indicator (see image above)

The display above: "Sev2 Black Streak 4 Chase Bet 10 on Black"

"Sev2" represents Severity Level 2, because this setting is the second in your list, when it occurs it is considered level 2.

"Black Streak 4" Indicates Black is streaking, and has 4 times, and you have a setting that follows black streaks

"Chase Bet 10 on Black" Chase indicates this setting is chasing the streak, then displays the amount and item to bet on

This item's Severity Level is also graphically displayed on the roulette board. As you can see from the image of the roulette board left, each black number's background is highlighted witht the same color as the legend specifies as "2". This displays a graphical representation by number of the severity level.

As this item gets further along the cycle, in this case black repeats 12 times in a row. The severity level would then be "10" and all black number's backgrounds would be highlighted in red (Severity 10 Color)

Non-Occurring Patterns

Non-Occurring Patterns

The Non Occurring Patterns Section of the Basic Pattern Bet Settings tab, works in essence the same way as the Repeating patterns gone over above.

The Non Occurring Patterns Section uses the Anti-Patterns Table as the basis of its numbering scheme.

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